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Hello! I’m Janeke de Klerk, your Professional Property Practitioner. I am a natural-born explorer, and have an intimate knowledge of this beautiful stretch on the Garden Route... consisting of Little Brak River, Fraaiuitsig, Reebok, Tergniet, Great Brak River, Hersham and Glentana. With a strong desire to make my home your home, my team and I in DTR group will work tirelessly until your settlement and beyond. I have a dominant online presence with a combination of innovative marketing and strategic outreach. Utilizing a broad range of platforms, our content reaches international buyers and investors. I pride myself in my passionate and heartfelt drive to serve my clients’ best interest. I am dedicated and committed to finding the perfect fit for my clientele. I am an avid explorer of this part of the Garden Route and love to try out new coffee shops and restaurants and to check out neighbourhood festivals. Thanks to my education and hands-on dedication to my profession, I have the privilege of delivering services of which may not be readily available to you. These include the current market value of your home, area home sale statistics, marketing trends, and tools only available to licensed real estate agents. As an aspiring Philanthropist and Property Practitioner, I’m making it my mission to give back R1000 of my personal commission to any public non-profit organization in our area, of my clients’ choice. I can support all of your real estate needs both locally or nationally, with an extensive and trusted network of agents and partners. You will never find a more dedicated, energetic, or focused agent group to represent you.
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Student accommodation a key driver in Bloemfontein’s residential property market
05 Dec 2022
A university city, Bloemfontein’s residential property market enjoys the spin-offs of its well-established educational infrastructure by way of accommodation for students, employees, associated services, and the investment by parents
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Collect rent in cash? Make sure you stay compliant with money laundering rules
24 Jan 2023
According to an International Monetary Fund assessment, “the widespread use of cash in South Africa poses a high risk for money laundering and terrorist financing”. With that in mind, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issued a report in October 2021 requiring substantial legislative changes by November 2022 in order for South Africa to avoid being greylisted by the international watchdog.
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Market & Opinion
Buying property for home and work
06 Dec 2022
According to the Seeff Property Group, estate agents are increasingly dealing with property buyers in search of residential properties where they can live and work from home or run a small business.
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Market & Opinion
Costs of selling your home
16 Jan 2023
There are a number of costs to factor in when selling a property – many of which are payable upfront before transfer can occur. To avoid being caught short, sellers are advised to have adequate savings in place before placing their home on the market.
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