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How interest rates influence home owners
21 Sep 2022
While many might have seen or heard that interest rates are climbing, equally as many will fail to fully understand exactly how this affects them, which means that they are unlikely to know how to adequately prepare if interest rates continue to climb.
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Market & Opinion
Build equity - and pay less for your home
29 Aug 2022
What is home equity? And why do savvy homeowners focus on building up more of it?
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Market & Opinion
How to avoid problems with contingent sales
26 Aug 2022
The recent interest rate increases are not only affecting home buyers – they are also making home sellers more anxious and more inclined to accept contingent offers.
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Tax tips for homeowners
18 Aug 2022
Individuals who have not yet filed their income tax returns have until 24 October 2022 to do so. When it comes to tax deductions, homeowners are entitled to specific claims if they work from home or own a rental property that provides an income.
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