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What you need to know about property compliance certificates
13 Jan 2022
When it comes to selling your property, there is more to it than just putting the property on the market and making an effort to spruce it up.
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Simple guidelines that make submitting an offer less daunting
06 Dec 2021
The excitement of finding your dream home is quite unique and should be enjoyed, but before you get carried away you should put pen to paper to submit your offer to purchase.
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Top tips for getting your rental deposit back
02 Dec 2021
Tenants in South Africa are often unsure what they need to do to get their deposits back when their lease ends - we take a look at how to avoid penalities and how to get your money back.
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Fixtures and Fittings: What goes and what stays
25 Nov 2021
An often contentious issue, the definition of what is regarded as a fixture in the home has caused many a dispute between buyers and sellers during the property sales process.
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