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Specialist loans can help protect value in sectional title schemes
16 Aug 2022
A major advantage of doing this is that schemes are able to avoid the possibility of costly and time-consuming service interruptions or legal disputes with creditors.
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What is a legacy file, and why do you need one for your home?
29 Jun 2022
Emergencies like a burst geyser or a tree falling on your home during a storm happen, and we cannot predict when it will happen, but we can ensure that we are prepared.
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A guide to subletting
20 Jun 2022
Subletting can sometimes be a tempting solution when life changes unexpectedly during the timespan of your lease agreement. While this can be a useful solution when undertaken correctly, subletting can also be incredibly risky, especially when correct procedures are not followed.
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6 Things you need to do when you want to add an additional story to your home
24 May 2022
You’ve moved into your new home and now you are keen on adding more floor space to make it the perfect home for you and your family. If you don’t have ground space to build on, you can always build up. It seems easy enough, but there are various steps to follow that ensure that the job is done properly and according to code.
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