5 Easy and cost-effective ways to keep your home cosy this winter

Temperatures may not often drop below zero in South Africa, but it can still get very cold - we take a look at a few cost-effective ways to keep the winter chill at bay. 

While most South Africans will agree that its never too cold for a braai, we still tend to stay in more often during the colder months. So it makes sense to winterise our homes to ensure we enjoy them just as much as we do during the summer.

It is not just about comfort though, with the rising cost of living and electricity prices, we would all prefer to stay warm and comfortable in winter without having to face a huge monthly bill.

Use layers

Nothing says cosy like warm fleecy throws or woolly blankets, and extra pillows ensure additional comfort when snuggling in front of a movie on a cold winter’s day. If you are buying new ones, opt for vibrant colours like burnt orange and forest green to add style to your comfort. If you don’t want them to adorn your couch, you can buy a pretty basket in which to leave them folded up when not being used.

Rugs will add warmth and style to your living spaces, especially next to your bed where you have to put your warm feet onto a cold floor. Choose textured materials with thicker weaves and vibrant colours for extra warmth and charm.

Curtain change-up 

Curtains are more than merely decorative drapes that get closed at night – they also contribute to heat retention in the home. So, when the nights start to get chilly, replace your lighter summer curtains with heavier drapes to ensure warm, cosy evenings.

Go gas 

Gas heaters are a great investment as they really heat up smaller areas quite quickly and they can also be moved from room to room. And, with loadshedding a regular feature of our lives, they offer both heat and light.

Invest in winter bedding 

Cotton flannel, velvet flannel, or heavyweight Egyptian cotton sheets are wonderfully warm alternatives to crisp lightweight cotton sheets and will make your bed a whole lot cosier and more comfortable. And if you really feel the cold, use a hot water bottle to heat your bed instead of an electric blanket not only is this an easy way to warm your bed it is also cost-effective.

Outdoor Heating

If you like spending time outdoors regardless of the weather, consider adding a fire pit to the patio or buying a standing gas heater and enjoy the ubiquitous Sunday afternoon braai or an evening around the patio table with hot chocolate and board games.


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