Creative Indoor Storage Solutions for your Bicycle

News > Lifestyle & Architecture - 12 Mar 2019

Apart from road hogs and uphill routes, finding a place to store a bicycle is one of the biggest challenges most cyclists face – particularly if they are staying in an apartment complex without a garage.

For those who live in active suburbs nearby popular cycling routes, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett, suggests that creative indoor bicycle racks or storage solutions can increase the value of the property and give it a unique selling advantage over similar properties in the area.   

“In general, whether a home is large or small, many homeowners will complain of a lack of sufficient storage space. Creative built-in additional storage solutions therefore often greatly enhance the appeal of any property. Sellers could stand to benefit from this when placing their home on the market,” says Goslett.

Below, RE/MAX of Southern Africa suggests a few creative storage solutions for cycling homeowners:

Bicycle on the bookshelf  

While bicycle wall art might appeal to some, it might not appeal to everyone. To ensure the resale value of a property, homeowners should consider installing shelving units that have the dual functionality of acting as a bicycle rack as well as a decorative shelving unit when the bicycle is removed. These tend to work better on darker walls as loading and offloading the bicycle from the rack can cause scuff marks against walls in lighter paint shades.   

Cycling on the ceiling

For homes with particularly high ceilings, such as loft-style apartments or homes, installing a bicycle rack in the ceiling can be a great space-saving solution. This option also works well in garages, provided the homeowner does not drive a tall vehicle such as an SUV.

Spokes in the staircase

The space under a staircase in a multiple-story home is almost always wasted space unless it is converted into storage. Homeowners could enclose the space to create a cupboard in which a bicycle rack could be placed and the bicycled could be stored out of sight. For exposed staircases, bicycle racks could be attached underneath the steps to create a unique form of bicycle storage art in the home.

If homeowners are planning on renovating their home to make a permanent storage solution for their bicycle, Goslett encourages them to consider how future buyers might perceive the addition. “Whenever one is making permanent additions to a property, it is always worthwhile to consider the effect it might have on the resale value of the home. If you have an ongoing relationship with a real estate professional, you could always run the idea by them just to make sure you are not lowering the value of your home or decreasing its appeal by your planned project,” Goslett concludes.     

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