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How to take the ultimate listing photos

While it is possible to take decent photographs without any relevant experience or knowledge, there are a few tricks sellers could learn from the professionals to help set their listing photos apart. 

To help sellers up their photography game, RE/MAX of Southern Africa provides three technical tips on how to take professional-looking listing photos without the help of a photographer:

Set up some lighting 

The first implement in a photographer’s toolbox is the use of a professional flash. You can recreate this by shooting on a sunny day, being sure to open the curtains and to switch on all the lights in the room. Photographers also make use of white backdrops to reflect more light into the space. You can achieve a similar affect by putting up white curtains or by covering dark furniture with white slip covers.    

Pro Tip: Use a photo editing app (built into most smart phones) to lift the brightness levels of the photograph after you’ve taken it.

Develop a steady hand

The next tool that enables photographers to take such professional photographs is the use of a tripod – without which, most photos end up being slightly blurred or out of focus. If you are taking a photo with your phone, set it to a timer and place it on a sturdy surface instead of taking it freehand.

Pro Tip: If possible, use manual controls in your camera settings to lower the shutter speed to allow more light to filter in. A lower shutter speed increases the chances of blurriness, so only do this if your camera is resting on a sturdy surface.

Consider the framing

A professional photographer will always consider the layout and composition of the objects within the frame before taking the photograph. Before you grab your snapshots, take some time to declutter and clean the space, going so far as to temporarily rearrange or remove some furniture if need be. Remember to take landscape and not portrait photographs, as these will display better on most property listing portals.    

Pro Tip: Professional photographers often use what is referred to as the rule of thirds

by placing an imaginary grid over an image that breaks it into nine equal parts. The four parts where this grid intersects are where you should place the points of interest in your shot. For example, if you’re taking a photo of your lounge, your couch should be positioned in one of these intersections.

These small adjustments can make a huge difference to the quality of the images you take. 

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