See the world through someone's window

With no real answer to when the travel restrictions might be eased, interactive website WindowSwap, invites you to see the view from a stranger's window somewhere in the world.

Just a few clicks will give you views from windows in Shanghai, London, the Philippines, and Helsinki to just name a few places - the incredible view from a window in Lucerne, Switzerland is truly breathtaking and worth spending a few minutes just getting lost in the scenery. 

The incredible thing about WindowSwap is that it not only offers a satisfying release of pent-up wanderlust it also allows viewers a unique perspective of how other people live through a pandemic from different parts of the world - an intimate experience not many tourists are privy to during non-pandemic times.

The website was launched by Singapore-based couple Sonal Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam

Ranjit and Balasubramaniam started WindowSwap by asking their friends to contribute videos of the views from their homes, and they worked with developer Maryam Touimi Benjelloun to launch the site. Anyone in the world can submit a video of the view from their window. There are now over 100 looping videos available from more than 50 countries. Another 500 submissions are in the process of being uploaded.

During a time where we all feel trapped and isolated, a project like this reminds us that there is still so much world out there waiting to be discovered and that we are not going through this alone. It is an escape from the usual and surprisingly soothing at the same time.

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