Watch a two-story house being 3D printed

Kamp C, a Belgian company, has 3D-printed an entire two-story house using Europe's biggest 3D-printer.

The 90m² home was printed in one piece using a fixed printer - making this an incredible world first, and a huge leap forward for sustainable design.  

In printing this two-story abode, Kamp C believes they have opened new doors in the world of provisional and apartment housing while cutting down on the consumption of construction materials, CO2 emissions, and waste streams.

The home is on the ground of Kamp C in Westerlo, Belgium and was printed as a part of the C3PO project with the support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project's aim is to encourage the construction industry to implement 3D concrete printing into traditional methods

Emiel Ascione, project manager at Kamp C, has said that the unique thing about this project is that they "printed the house in one piece with a fixed 3D concrete printer," adding that "the homes that have already have been printed worldwide only have one floor and are often printed in a factory before being assembled on site. We printed the entire building envelope as a whole on site."

Marijke Aerts, project manager at Kamp C added that the house is three times stronger than a house built with quick building blocks. "The compressive strength of the material is three times higher than the classic rapid building blocks. Noting that this process of building reduces the need for wire-mesh reinforcement, thus saving an estimated 60% on materials, time, and money.

This house is a test building and will be investigated over the coming months to ensure it adheres to safety standards and to see how it stands up to the elements.

Watch here as the house is printed







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