Six tips to speed up the sale of your property in this market

In a challenging selling market, property sellers need all the help they can get. According to property agents with the Seeff Property Group, there are at least six things that sellers can do to speed up the sale and transfer of their property.

Experience has shown that the longer your property sits on the market, the less likely it is that it will get you a better price offer. Time is money and you will not want to waste any time, especially if you are serious about selling.

Seeff highlights six best practice tips for sellers:

1. Price the property correctly for the current market.

Do not use the list prices as a guideline, these are often wishful thinking. Evaluate what properties have actually sold for over the last three to six months to get a sense of the correct asking price. Testing the market and overpricing will waste valuable time and simply drive buyers to competing properties which are better priced.

A knowledgeable real estate professional will be able to provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) and will help you understand why they are pricing your property at a certain price.

More here on why you need a local real estate expert

2. Your property should be in a top sellable condition.

Ensure the plans are up to date and filed correctly with your local municipality and that all building works are completed and signed off. All maintenance should be done including repairs, and replacing broken items or outdated appliances. Do not give potential buyers any excuse to walk away or to look to discount the price.

3. Get all the required documents copied and certified upfront.

You can save valuable time by having all the necessary documents ready upfront. This includes relevant identity documents, proof of address, your rates or levies bill, information regarding any mortgage loan over the property, and the title deed if it is in your possession.

4. Ensure the property is compliant.

Electrical, plumbing and water, electric fence, gas and other checks and repairs can be done upfront and certificates of compliance obtained to save a lot of time. It will also give potential buyers peace of mind if all the check are already done and can speed up the selling and transfer process.

5. Be flexible in terms of viewings.

Prepare your property for viewings by ensuring all clutter is removed and the home is clean and fresh, so that a potential buyer can immediately fall in love as soon as they see it. You should also be as accommodating as possible when buyers want to view the property.

6. Consider all offers.

Remember, almost any offer can be negotiated. The agent should be in a position to provide guidance as to a counter offer that the seller can return to the buyer. One of the key skills that an agent brings, is the ability to negotiate and bring the parties to a point where they can conclude a mutually beneficial sale.

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