Smart security paves the way forward

Security and technology go hand in hand these days with organisations constantly looking for new and innovative means to keep crime at bay. This includes new structures, innovations, and processes to deliver a unique armed response service, capable of giving them the competitive edge.

This was again illustrated when Fidelity ADT launched its latest product, SecureGate last month. The product allows response officers access to customer’s property without them having to physically open the gate or press a button, a feature which is only possible if certain conditions are met.

“There are many instances when our officers respond to an emergency or alarm activation, but they are unable to gain access to a property. The reason for this is that either the home owner or customer is not at home, or they are under some kind of duress which prevents them from opening the outside gates or entrances,” says Charnel Hattingh, national marketing and communications manager for Fidelity ADT.

“This required the development of a new product that ensures we can get access to assist someone in need while also ensuring the security of the property itself.”

SecureGate allows the company to open the customer’s gate within a specific time period once an alarm activation has been signalled. The property is fitted with the necessary internet-connected devices and smart home technology, which then enables any response officer to access the property by opening the gate once an alarm activation has been triggered and received by the monitoring centre.

Hattingh says they have paid particular attention to ensuring adequate checks and balances are put in place to prevent abuse of the system. 

“Our officers will carry a device which allows them to open the perimeter gates provided they have been fitted with SecureGate. However, this can only be done if the alarm activation has been logged by our control room, and the incident confirmed between the remote operator and the officer on the ground.

“If the incident has been confirmed as legitimate, the response officer will have a short limited time period in which to gain entry to the property and respond as needed.”

Hattingh says the introduction of SecureGate shows the growing popularity of smart home technology. This was also witnessed in the recent announcement that Google had purchased a 6.6% stake in an American-based security monitoring provider, valued at $450m. This forms part of the search-engine company's effort to bolster its hardware business and capitalise on growth in the market for smart-home security products.

SecureGate is available throughout South Africa and members of the public can contact their local Fidelity ADT office for more information.

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