Woodland Hills property guide

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate at a glance

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate is an estate located on the northern outskirts of Bloemfontein. The first vacant stands within the estate were sold in 2003 and within a few years, the majority of vacant plots were sold and developed.

The luxury estate was the first of its kind in Bloemfontein, offering various living options like townhouse complexes, full title houses and also accommodates for a lifestyle village with various accommodation options specifically reserved for couples or individuals over the age of 50.

Hillandale Lifestyle village, comprising out of 145 one- two- and three bedroom units offers residents over 50 years a peaceful and safe environment and is located close to the Hillandale Health Care Centre where various medical treatment options like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and more are offered to the residents.

The estate offers residents the opportunity to live in this exclusive security estate, close to nature. Game such Gemsbok, Giraffes, Zebra, Springbok, Nyalas, Swartwitpens, Waterbuck and Tsetsebi roam wild among the residential areas within the estate and residents can get up close to their wildlife neighbours on many safe and secure walking and mountain bike trails set out within the estate.

While taking long walks along the trails of the estate, residents can also work up a sweat by stopping at the open air gym located centrally and in close proximity to the residential phases.

The estate also has horse stables which are rented out by horse owners to house the animals. Residents of the estate can enjoy a Sunday afternoon by either going on a game drive through the estate or by going horse riding - an activity offered by the management of the stables.

Woodland Hills has very strict guidelines in terms of property aesthetics which residents must adhere to when building their homes. All houses and townhouses are built with nature in mind which is clearly visible when you enter the well-guarded gates of the estate.

Strict security rules are also to be followed, which makes this such an attractive estate to invest in. Children can freely ride on their bicycles in the uniquely named streets of the estate and you’ll always find the nature enthusiast soaking up the fresh air in streets like Pelikaanparade, Swartwitpenssirkel or Tinktinkietwist, to name a few.

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate contains a landmark of South African history as the home of Bram Fischer and the remains thereof can still be found on the estate today. An ultra luxury 6-star hotel has been built within the estate, close to where he lived, and named after Bram Fischer as the Bram Fischer Hotel.

Erf sizes within the estate range from 816 sqm to 2000 sqm and property within the estate in most cases average a sale price of approximately R10,000 per sqm. The minimum square footage of any residential house is approximately 200 sqm (garages and staff accommodation excluded) as a requirement from the home owners association. With the high demand from Bloemfontein residents wanting to live in this secure area, another phase for development, adjacent to the Hillandale Farm called Bergendal, has been set out with vacant land options for sale.

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate provides the ultimate living experience in central South Africa which offers a very high return on investment when you buy property within this exclusive estate.

Woodland Hills property map