River Club property guide

River Club at a glance

Considered by many as a hidden gem, River Club is a suburb bordering Morningside that not many people even realise is a suburb at all.

For the most part, River Club is so closely associated with the River Club Golf Course that not many realise that this is a fully fledged suburb all on its own. The River Club Golf Course, also known as that River Golf Course is considered by many as one of the premier golfing destinations in the country - boasting in particular with its majestic finishing holes.

The suburb, like those it neighbours, is an affluent suburb with large homes, established trees proudly standing tall throughout the area, bird life in abundance and secure boomed off areas.

Due to the neighbouring areas also being home to high net worth properties, River Club is enclosed in a cushion of tranquility and quiet despite the N1/N3 circle of major roads around Johannesburg. And yet it is a stone's throw away from Sandton's CBD where it all happens in Johannesburg.

Sandton, and similarly River Club, is the glitzy part of the city. Sophisticated buildings, people and shops, upmarket hotels, and sought-after corporate addresses.

The River Golf Course is as exclusive as its neighbourhood. The club is private and not open to the general public, even if it does have what golfers describe as one of the best course layouts in South Africa. But it is a wonderful place to stay.

Property Types

  • Houses
  • Townhouses


  • Sandton Junior Morningside Pre-Primary School
  • Lycée Jules Verne
  • Parkmore Nursery School
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