Shakas Rock property guide

Shaka’s Rock at a glance

Legend has it that the rocky outcrop of the north coast was actually used by King Shaka himself to test the mettle of his warriors by encouraging them to jump to the reefs and shore breaks below, while others say that he used it as a lookout - no matter what the truth is, Shaka’s Rock today is a scenic coastal village showcasing the very best of the surrounding area.

Lying on the very outskirts of Ballito and in close proximity to Durban means that Shaka’s Rock is not only a popular holiday destination but also a commuter town for many. With the lush vegetation, sandy beaches and relative tranquility on offer here it is easy to see why many opt for this slice of paradise.

The main beach, Catfish Beach is a popular launching site for boats on their way for a day out on the ocean and there is a healthy and thriving surfing community as well. Shaka's Rock Beach Tidal Pool is protected and well known for snorkelling, with a wide variety of fish, corals and other sea life.

Residents are just as warm and welcoming as the weather and due to its popularity as a tourist destination, there are enough restaurants, shops and other amenities to ensure you never run out of your favourite beach snacks!

Property Types

  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Houses
  • Vacant Land


  • Curro Mount Richmore Independent School
  • Ballito Bay Montessori Pre-School
  • Ashton International College
Shakas Rock property map