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The town of Greyton, located about 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town at the foot of the Sonderend Mountains has long been popular as a weekend getaway and is also becoming popular for those wanting to settle down away from the city hustle and bustle

The tranquil hamlet is peppered with art galleries, interior decor shops and craft centres, and hosts a popular fresh produce market on Saturday mornings, displaying the best of local farming efforts and cuisine. A bird-watchers’ paradise, the village also offers plenty of healthy outdoor activities, from horse-riding and mountain-bike trails to hiking in the surrounding 2200ha nature reserve – the third largest in the Cape. Greyton is also known as a haven for holistic health, and has a number of spas and alternative therapy centres. These many attractions combine to make the village a popular spot for weekend getaways, and it consequently has a sizeable hospitality sector with numerous B&B’s and restaurants.

Greyton was founded in 1854 by Herbert Vigne, just 5km away from the Moravian mission station at Genadendal

There was no need for another central commercial node for local farmers, and no railway line or mineral deposits to explain why a settlement grew here – it just did! The village was laid out on a rambling farm named Weltevreden, and was named after the Cape governor of the time, Sir George Grey. It still retains its basic original layout to this day, and its dominant design theme of Cape vernacular architecture is fiercely protected by the local Aesthetics Committee.

Other remnants of its early days are the magnificent oak trees which line the village streets. This is a place where time has stood still to some degree – the atmosphere is still that of a sleepy country hollow only lightly touched by the modern world. Indeed, Greyton only received electricity in the 1970’s, and the R406 access road was only tarred within the last few years.

properties in Greyton range from quaint, rustic cottages to shady farmhouses with a warm, lived-in ambience, and some newer grand-scale country homes.

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  • Greyton House Independent School
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