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Vacant Land Residential for sale in Aalwyndal


This 27-hectare vacant development land close to Mossel Bay Airport seems to have significant potential for both residential and airport-related commercial uses. Here are some considerations for each potential use:

Residential Development:

Location: Proximity to the airport can be a double-edged sword. While it offers convenience for travelers and airport staff, some potential homebuyers may be concerned about noise pollution and safety due to the nearby airport operations. However, with proper planning and buffering, these concerns can be mitigated.

Market Demand: Assess the local housing market to understand the demand for residential properties. Conduct market research to identify the target demographic and their preferences for housing types and amenities.

Infrastructure: Check the availability and capacity of essential utilities such as water, electricity, sewage, and internet connections. Adequate infrastructure will be necessary for any successful residential development.

Zoning and Permits: Consult with local authorities to ensure that the land is zoned for residential development. Obtain all necessary permits and approvals before proceeding.

Airport-Related Commercial Uses:

Airport Services: The land's proximity to the airport makes it suitable for airport-related businesses such as aviation support services, aircraft maintenance, fueling stations, or even flight training schools.

Cargo and Logistics: If the airport handles cargo operations, there may be opportunities for warehousing, distribution centers, and other logistics-related businesses.

Hospitality: Given the potential influx of travelers and airport staff, hotel and accommodation facilities might be in demand.

Retail and Services: Restaurants, shops, car rentals, and other retail and service establishments could cater to airport passengers and personnel.

Before moving forward with any development plans, conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to assess the economic, environmental, and regulatory aspects of the project. Engage with local stakeholders, including the community and relevant authorities, to address any concerns and gather support for the proposed development.

Additionally, hiring professionals such as urban planners, architects, and real estate consultants can help you optimize the land's potential and navigate the complexities of the development process. Always keep in mind the importance of sustainable development practices, adhering to local regulations, and considering the long-term impact on the surrounding area.

Property Type
Vacant Land Residential
Stand Size
Rates & Taxes
Property history
Listed for sale at R12,828,000
20 Jul 2023
Price reduced by 23.2% to R9,850,000
26 Oct 2023
Price increased by 29.9% to R12,800,000
10 Jan 2024
Price reduced by 17.3% to R10,580,000
08 Feb 2024
Price reduced by 10.2% to R9,500,000
19 Feb 2024
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