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Market & Opinion
Positive growth in the residential rental market continues
28 Nov 2022
PayProp’s quarterly Rental Index shows continued growth in the residential rental market into the third quarter of 2022.
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Market & Opinion
Should you rent or buy your first flat?
16 Nov 2022
You are finally getting ready to move into your own place, but not sure whether you should rent a flat or purchase it. With interest rates climbing every second month, you may be concerned about whether you want to commit to a fixed asset.
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Market & Opinion
What you need to know about consolidating debt
15 Nov 2022
With interest rates still on the rise, an increasing number of homeowners are looking at making use of the equity they have in their homes to “consolidate” all their debts and pay off everything except their home loans.
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Featured Property
High demand for life rights sees launch of Ryn Village Retirement Estate just east of Johannesburg
10 Nov 2022
Globally, the life rights model which provides retirees with the security of tenure for the rest of their lives is prevalent, particularly given the low entry costs and low levies. This is coupled with the fact that with medical advancements, people generally live longer, says Nelson Ferreira, Gauteng regional head for Pam Golding Properties.
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