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Gauteng property market hits record highs as buyers find good value
09 May 2022
Lightstone data shows that Gauteng has enjoyed tremendous growth in sales activity over the last year with record transaction volumes and over R137 billion in value. The market has been largely value-driven with only about 17% of all transactions falling above R1.5 million.
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Market & Opinion
Key drawcards underpin Bedfordview’s market resilience
14 Apr 2022
Long-regarded as the jewel of the east, Bedfordview’s market has weathered the pandemic better than many other areas and this can largely be attributed to three key factors which have buffered it from the worst of the storm.
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Property Watch - 3 Midrand homes for sale
12 Apr 2022
One of the fastest-growing areas for young and first-time buyers, Midrand offers very accessible prices - while still catering to luxury buyers looking for exclusivity and high-end homes.
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10 Common mistakes sellers make and how to avoid them
11 Apr 2022
Property transactions are lengthy and convoluted processes with many potential pitfalls and, in a strong sellers’ market, one or two small mistakes are unlikely to be an issue, however, more serious omissions or errors can really put a spanner in the works and, in a tougher market, even small errors can prove costly.
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