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Value, character and lifestyle bolstering the market in this eclectic Jozi node
12 May 2022
A medley of characterful suburbs to the northeast of Johannesburg’s CBD has been attracting considerable interest of late, especially from first-time buyers looking for family homes that won’t break the budget.
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Market & Opinion
Gauteng property market hits record highs as buyers find good value
09 May 2022
Lightstone data shows that Gauteng has enjoyed tremendous growth in sales activity over the last year with record transaction volumes and over R137 billion in value. The market has been largely value-driven with only about 17% of all transactions falling above R1.5 million.
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Market & Opinion
Small town property sales boom as people leave the city
06 May 2022
Lightstone data shows that about 20% fewer people are now moving from cities to cities with more choosing to relocate to smaller towns, especially since the onset of the pandemic. According to the Seeff Property Group, more people are also purchasing second homes in small towns.
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Money laundering risks on the rise in real estate
05 May 2022
Property practitioners in South Africa have been identified as potentially vulnerable to money-laundering and terrorist financing (TF) activities. This was revealed by the FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) in their recent Assessment of the inherent money-laundering and terrorist financing risks impacting the real estate sector report.
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