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This quiet Karoo town is steeped in history and soaks up every bit of the well known Karoo hospitality to create a warm and friendly town that flaunts its heritage

Colesberg has a rich history closely linked with to the legendary characters of South Africa's diamond industry. John O'Reiley, who purchased the first diamond found in South Africa from its owner, Schalk van Niekerk, and took it to Colesberg for testing. It was used to scratch "DP", the initials of Draper and Plewman, a store which still exists, on the shop's window. Once the stone passed this test. it was sent to Dr Guybourne Atherstone, a well-known geologist. He confirmed it was a diamond and so started The Diamond Rush.

History permeates the town’s atmosphere and its people. Many of the buildings, especially the churches, showcase the architecture and heritage of these past times, giving visitors a first-hand perspective of the politics and goings on of more than a century ago.

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