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Farm for sale in Uitenhage Rural

Cattle Or Game Farm For Sale


They say that WATER is LIFE and this 4223 Hectare farm have lots of it, in the most beautiful nature setting in the Eastern Cape, bordering the world renowned Blaaukrantz Ranch which has been one of the biggest conservation success stories in South Africa. If you are thinking or looking for a farm where you can introduce the Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo) then this farm is just for you as it is big enough with the perfect vegetation for all of them and would also make a very good Buffalo breeding farm, if you do not want to introduce the Big 5, as seen with the YouTube video.

This Farm is situated just outside Uitenhage and 58Km or under an hour’s drive from the Port Elizabeth Airport, with two rivers flowing through the farm, perfect for Macadamias or Pecan nut farming, should the new owners decide to plant the trees all along the two rivers. The Coega River and the Wilger River have intermittent flow during the year, and there are also two natural springs.

The 4223 Hectare farm also have a fencing certificate or Certified of Adequate Enclosure (CoAE) which allows the landowner to take ownership of his Game. It also allows him to hunt throughout the year and use some legal hunting methods and capture and trade his Game. The farm consists of 7 portions or Title Deeds which can be sold off separately in the future by the new owners, measuring as follows:

Portion 1 is measuring 239.8874 Hectare and have three waterholes of which two are cement dams fed by a borehole, pumping approx. 1500 litres of water per hour and is about 100 meters deep with one solar pump and gravity feed. It is very good valley bushveld ground with a high carrying capacity. This portion of land is fenced off separately with the 42.8568 Hectare portion next to it for cattle grazing purposes.

Portion 2 is measuring 42.8568 Hectare and was used by the Nelson Mandela University as their Addo Campus up to last year where the students were trained in Game Ranch Management. The 900 square meter prefabricated buildings then housed 50 students with a bar, restaurant area with fully fitted kitchen and catering equipment plus a lecture hall. These structures now lend itself to the perfect backpackers next to the Wilger River. This portion also produce 60Kw of power through the solar panels on the roof and on the side of the building and can be seen via Google Earth. There is also an old farmhouse with two bedrooms and one bathroom on this portion which can be used should you wish to convert the space into a Backpackers. There are two boreholes about 100 meters deep on this portion of which one is salty water and the other with fresh drinking water pumping approx. 4500 litres of water per hour with 2 Hectare water rights which is fenced lands where you can grow Luzern or vegetables with drip irrigation in place already. Theres also a cement dam and another waterhole for the animals on this portion.

Portion 3 is measuring 418.4248 Hectare with the Coega River flowing through it and where you can plant the Pecan nut or Macadamia trees. There is also a very strong borehole which is about 45 meters deep and pumping approx. 20 000 Liters of water on this portion with a Solar pump. This portion also have a 50-Kilowatt ESKOM point with 6 Hectare land where you can grow Luzern or vegetables of which 3 Hectares are fenced off with Game fencing.

Portion 4 is measuring 1138.55 Hectare and also have the Coega River flowing through it with 2 springs or fountains flowing into a pipeline and it never dried up, even during the worst droughts we’ve had in recent years. The water flow in this pipeline during the good years have approx. 30 000 litres per hour of water during the good years and 6000 litres per hour during the drought season. There are 8 water points for the Game and Cattle on this portion with a cattle kraal and workstation for the animals. The original farmhouse with 5 bedrooms and 1 bathroom is on this portion and next to it is a Lapa or venue which was used in the past for weddings or functions and can easily accommodate up to 100 people with 7 bedrooms of which one room have its own bathroom and the rest are sharing a communal bathroom with 3 showers and toilet. There is also a log cabin with 6 rooms, and they are sharing 2 bathrooms. There is an inventory for all the furniture and catering equipment which can be bought separately should you wish to continue with events. The Lapa also have a Bar and Kitchen area for catering purposes. There is a big dam in front of the Lapa with another dam on this portion approx. 100m x 20m wide fed by two boreholes. The one borehole is about 140m deep and pump approx. 11 000 litres of water per hour at a depth of 45m and the other borehole is approx. 128 metres deep and pumping about 10 000 litres of water per hour with 2 Hectare water rights. There are 2 fenced camps, one of 2 Hectare and the other of 1 Hectare where you can plant Luzern or vegetables. There is also a very big storeroom on this portion with solar panels on the roof and on the side of the building producing 80 Kilowatt of electricity. The landowners get approx. R30 000.00 per month from the Metro as payment for the solar power fed into the electricity grid or network. There are also two signal booster towers on the farm of which the owners get an average of R15 000.00 per month as rental or lease. This portion also have a Butchery with a cold room big enough for 40 carcasses, plus a 3m x 3m freezer room.

Portion 5 is measuring 171.3603 Hectare and have sour veldt with a 50-Kilowatt ESKOM point and was earmarked in the past for a proposed solar farm. There is one borehole on this portion which collapsed and not in use anymore.

Portion 6 is measuring 788.9048 Hectare with very high carrying capacity and a Wattle plantation of which about 100 Hectares was already cleared by a third party who is making charcoal from the Wattle trees and paying the landowners R10 000.00 per month for doing that. The result of this is that the new natural grass that’s growing after the clearing of the Wattle plantation is very sweet and the Game and animals love that for grazing. The Paarde vlei and Grootvlei is on this portion with two big dams which have never dried up or was never empty with no water in it.

Portion 7 is measuring 1356.977 Hectare with a big dam on the furthest point of the farm which have never dried up, plus 2 other dams formed from weirs. This portion have stunning views from the Plato over the rocky valley down below and perfect to develop a hunting lodge or can also be developed for renewable energy as a wind farm. There is a 50-Kilowatt ESKOM point on this portion should you wish to develop or build a Lodge.

The following Game is included with the sale and please note that the numbers are conservative and approx. and not counted game:

  • KUDU – Approx 80
  • IMPALA – Approx 300 – 400
  • WILDEBEAST – Approx 120
  • NYALA – Approx 60 – 80
  • GIRAFFE – 5
  • ELAND – 8
  • BLESBUCK – Approx 120
  • BUSHBUCK – Unknown as they are natural to the area.
  • DUIKER - Unknown as they are natural to the area.
  • RIBBOK - Unknown as they are natural to the area.
  • GRYSBOK - Unknown as they are natural to the area.
  • BLUE DUIKER - Unknown as they are natural to the area.
  • OSTRICH – Approx 20
  • ZEBRA – Approx 40
  • WATERBUCK – Approx 20
  • WARTHOG – Approx 60

It is not very often that a Farm with this much potential and water sources come on the market, and at this reasonable asking price, just over R10 000.00 per Hectare, it will sell quick and contact Bertie van Deventer today to make your appointment to view the family farm. Please note that the asking price will EXCLUDE 15% VAT.

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Property history
Listed for sale at R44,000,000
06 Sep 2023
Price reduced by 4.5% to R42,000,000
19 Feb 2024
Get to know Uitenhage
North-west of Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha) lies Uitenhage. A town also known as the Garden Town due to its gorgeous position in the foothills of the Winterhoek Mountains, its many rambling parks and a climate that allows gardens to flourish with little input. Add to this already pretty picture the fact that the town's official flower, the Strelitzia, blooms just about everywhere, and you begin to see why Uitenhage might be a good place to put down roots
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