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Neighbouring Onrus, Vermont newer area and is another small village in George with incredible views and beautiful properties.

Vermont borders on Onrus and on a number of green belts created in an effort to maintain the inherent tranquillity and endemic fynbos and bird life in the area. Its name, which is derived from the French words ‘mont vert’ - meaning ‘green mountain’ - is after the American state of the same name.

There are a lot of holiday homes in this part of George and sees an increase of people during the peak holiday seasons.

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13 May 2022
The mild Mediterranean climate, champagne air, mountains covered by Fynbos, rich marine life, and the best land-based whale watching in the world, make Hermanus one of the most magnificent and desirable eco-destinations in the country and encourages around-the-year tourism seasons during the winter months.
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