Woodbridge Island property guide

What the local Woodbridge Island property expert say
Martina Daniel
What makes Woodbridge Island a great suburb?
Situated on the beach within close proximity to Cape Town CBD
The typical Woodbridge Island buyer
Professionals that work in town or Paarden Island or investors (Holiday accommodation), Young families that seek security combined with a seaside lifestyle.
Price overview of Woodbridge Island
3.2 Million - 10 Million
Popular in Woodbridge Island
Milnerton Beach, Milnerton Golf Club, close to Canal Walk and V&A Waterfront, private schools.
My Woodbridge Island tip
Overall, Milnerton and in partuicular Woodbridge Island's combination of location, rental demand, and security features positions it as a promising option for real estate investors seeking both rental income and potential capital appreciation. * Being positioned on the beach makes it highly desirable for both long-term residents and short-term renters seeking a coastal lifestyle. This location can command premium rents and attract tourists, boosting rental yields. * Its proximity to the Cape Town CBD makes it convenient for commuters and professionals working in the city. This accessibility can increase demand for rental properties, especially among urban dwellers looking for a serene retreat near their workplace. * The combination of its beachfront location and top security makes Woodbridge Island appealing for short-term rentals, especially to holiday makers and business travellers. This can provide investors with higher rental returns compared to traditional long-term leases. * Top Security: The emphasis on security is a significant draw for both tenants and investors. Properties in secure environments tend to maintain their value well and attract higher-quality tenants, contributing to long-term investment stability.