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Security announcement! As a property professional of many years, in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate, number 1 Team RE/MAX Western Cape for 8 years, and... Independent contractor at RE/MAX Living I have been saddened by the increase in scams within our industry and then of course the ever-present worry of crime in our workspace as we care for our clients during one of the most important transactions of their lives. Agents, sellers, landlords, and tenants are often victims of crime, and navigating one's own safety and that of our clients is a daily challenge. This includes crime in our physical space but also cybercrime which is certainly on the rise. For this reason, I have, together with the support of my clients and RE/MAX Living, insisted that buyers at the very least, provide identification before viewing a property, and furthermore strongly recommend that they are prequalified in terms of finance and affordability. For sellers, I verify their identity too in addition to their property ownership for obvious reasons. Whilst pre-qualification may seem like a big step it is now made very easy through various apps which allow a buyer to obtain pre-approval in minutes from the comfort of their own home. Many buyers have discovered that they in fact could afford more than they thought or discovered that they are not yet ready to buy. This saves them the time looking at the wrong properties which did not meet their needs or their budgets, not to mention the time of the agent and the seller during the process. The logic is that this assists us in keeping all parties to the process as safe as possible through proper identification and transparency and also ensures no one wastes time viewing a property that they cannot afford to buy. This includes the time of the seller, the agent, and the buyer. A prequalification also ensures that the process of verifying a potential buyer is fair on all buyers and does not allow for subjective opinions to creep in. It actually prevents discrimination whilst ensuring that anyone viewing a property and being permitted access to a homeowner's personal space, is correctly verified, for everyone's safety. On the whole, all my clients have supported this step and feel reassured that I am looking after the interests of all parties and navigating the difficult waters of remaining safe whilst conducting viewings, with care and consideration for all involved. I have also been sent the following articles below by conveyancers and industry professionals previously. The 1st one is particularly relevant and highlights the point I am raising here. 1. 2. 3. 4. On the topic of cybercrime I have the following advice: 1. Purchasers should always verify banking details telephonically before making ANY payment. 2. The telephone number contacted should be obtained from a separate source to the invoice they are emailed. 3. I recommend that a purchaser pay an amount eg: R1000 first, wait for confirmation that the amount reflects correctly, and then pay the balance. The following article will also be of interest. I love assisting my clients through their sales journey and love assisting buyers in finding their perfect home, I am a qualified professional of many years and I am proud of my achievements whilst ensuring all my clients are safe and cared for. In addition, if at any stage a client feels uncomfortable with the information requested by a seller or me, I am always happy to engage in a conversation regarding this. I am in the people business after all and I am more than happy to relay concerns to the seller or landlord of any home I am marketing. ARI VOYIATZIS Number 1 Team RE/MAX Western Cape, 8 Years RE/MAX International multiple award winner
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Your Sunset Beach neighborhood expert
What makes Sunset Beach a great suburb?
Beach front suburb, nominated number 1 Suburb in SA in 2019
The typical Sunset Beach buyer
Afluent Corporate CEO/business owner
Price overview of Sunset Beach
R5.5 million to R6.5 million, R25 000 - R35 000 per month rentals
Popular in Sunset Beach
Beach, Ocean Square, Canal Walk, Cape Town V&A, Curro Century City, Milnerton Primary, Milnerton High, Parklands College, Milnerton Medi Clinic
My Sunset Beach tip
We only have two entrances into Sunset Beach, so security is excellent. We are on the beach side of Otto du Plessis, so no main road needed to cross to get to the beach. We are an international kite haven, with a very European vibe half of the year.
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