What are the powers of the PPRA?

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The Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) in South Africa has a range of powers that enable it to regulate and control the property industry and ensure that property practitioners operate ethically and within the law. Some of the key powers of the PPRA include:

The power to register and license property practitioners: The PPRA has the power to register and license estate agents, rental agents, property valuers, and property inspectors. Only registered practitioners are allowed to provide property-related services to the public.

The power to investigate complaints: The PPRA has the power to investigate complaints against property practitioners, including allegations of misconduct, fraud, or breaches of the law. This can involve conducting hearings and taking disciplinary action if necessary.

The power to impose penalties: The PPRA has the power to impose penalties on property practitioners who breach the law or the code of conduct. This can include fines, suspensions, or revocation of licenses.

The power to monitor compliance: The PPRA has the power to monitor compliance with the law and the code of conduct, including conducting audits and inspections of property practitioners.

The power to initiate legal action: The PPRA has the power to initiate legal action against property practitioners who engage in illegal or unethical practices.

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