Simbithi Eco Estate property guide

Simbithi Eco Estate at a glance

An estate created to co-exist alongside the varied and unique fauna and flora of KwaZulu Natal, Simbithi Eco Estate is the prime choice of many families looking to put down their roots in this idyllic area.

The tree after which Simbithi Eco-Estate has been named is scientifically referred to as ‘millettia grandis’. Zulus refer to it as ‘Umzimbeet’, ‘UmSimbithwa’ or ‘Umsimbithi’. There are large, established groves of the trees on the northern and southern sides of the Estate and the narrow, erect spearhead flower sprays provide a purple lining to the forest coverings between November and March. The Zulus named the tree ‘Ironwood’ (the name of one of the roads in the Estate) because of the extreme density of the Umzimbeet’s wood.

Residents are encouraged to take an active part in the outdoor lifestyle of the estate by visiting any of the five community centres around the estate. Each of these centres offer different activities and amenities from the sporting grounds to gourmet ice cream at the Heron Centre.

There are also walking and cycling trails on offer where you are bound to see some unique wildlife meticulously taken care of by the environmental team.

Property Types

  • Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Apartments
  • Vacant Land


  • Eco Kids
  • Curro Castle Eco Kidz
Simbithi Eco Estate property map