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Nestled in a private cove, with one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in the city, lies the exclusive and upmarket Llandudno - a peaceful escape from the city of Cape Town only 18 km away.

Properties in Llandudno can easily fetch well into the high millions but its residents regard it as a coastal town - a perception that is reinforced by the lack of street lights and shops, limited visitor parking at the beach and only one road that leads in and out of the area.

The 5-minute drive to Hout Bay will ensure residents can enjoy a variety of shops, restaurants, and other amenities without giving up the natural splendour of Llandudno where the Twelve Apostles stretch off to one side, whilst Little Lion’s Head and the Karbonkelberg Mountain sweep off in the other direction. The beautiful beach, renowned for its white sands, crisp blue waters, and giant boulders is arguably one of the most photogenic in Cape Town and a favourite for beach sports like volleyball, beach rugby, surfing; a great deal of sun-worshipping and a preferred picnic spot for families.

The beach remains unspoiled and the countryside fynbos stretches off in both directions, largely untouched.

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  • Llandudno Primary School
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