Gansbaai at a glance

Despite its rise in popularity the unpretentious village of Gansbaai remains a fishing village at heart - much to the delight of residents and visitors alike.

It is believed that the beautiful village was named after a flock of wild Egyptian geese that congregated at the freshwater fountain next to the harbour - while we cannot determine whether this is the real story or not, it really doesn’t matter as this town has a big reputation as the perfect coastal getaway.

Its ideal location between Hermanus and Pearly Beach, Gansbaai lies in Walker Bay at the foot of the Dynefontein Mountains with breathtaking views and abundance of fynbos along the coastline.

Both Southern Right Whales and Great White Sharks frequent the Atlantic waters of the Danger Point Peninsula and are a major draw card for the town.

The entire Walker Bay area, between Gansbaai and Hermanus, is a whale sanctuary and the gentle giants of the southern ocean, the Southern Right Whale, can be sighted within metres of the shoreline where they come annually to mate and calve.

Gansbaai lies in the heart of the fynbos biome, which is home to thousands of plant species, a number of which are some of the rarest on earth. There are a number of conservancies and reserves in the area that protect these species and organised hikes in the region allow one easy access to this kingdom of plants.

Residents in Gansbaai boasts that everyone in town is fisherman despite their profession and as the popular Afrikaans song asks - “wie maak vir Gansbaai lekker?” - who makes Gansbaai such a wonderful place? The answer would be a resounding “the locals!”

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  • Gansbaai Academia
  • Gansbaai Primary School
  • De Kleine Gansies Speelskool
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